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A Philadelphia Story
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A Philadelphia Story
Lori Litchman

Founders and Famous Families from the City of Brotherly Love

Founders and Famous Families: Philadelphia is an in-depth look at how significant founders, families, and firsts made Philadelphia not only the birthplace of our country, but also truly a city of firsts. Through their efforts they stamped their mark on Philadelphia with parks, streets, and landmarks bearing their names.

Lori Litchman's Founders and Famous Families: Philadelphia brings to life the founding families’ histories, a history of lives lived large -- truly the Who’s Who (as well as the When and Where) of Philadelphia -- that when considered together, made the City of Brotherly Love the great metropolis it is today.

As a quick peek into the rich tapestry of local lore, Founders and Famous Families of Philadelphia focuses first on William Penn's creation of a city leading to the birth of our nation. Philadelphia as the first capital of the United States, the declaration of Independence, the Revolutionary War and Benjamin Franklin. The arrival of the Quakers to Philadelphia and religious freedom is explored, as is the Abolition Movement and and Underground Railroad in Philadelphia. In her chapter "Health Firsts" the author reveals that Philadelphia is home to the first hospital, medical school, mental health hospital, eye hospital, children's hospital and the first medical school for women. William Penn called Philadelphia a "green country town" and so it is no surprise that the first Women's horticulture school was founded by Philadelphian Jane B. Haines. Teen idols Frankie Avalon and Bobby Rydell hailed from Pennsylvania and so is sports legend Wilt Chamberlain, one of the greatest and most dominant players in NBA history.

From the first hospital to the first paper mill, Philadelphia was the keystone to our developing nation in its formative years. Philadelphia is also home of America's first zoo, the oldest art museum and art school in the country and the first African American Church in the United States. Philadelphia literally means “City of Brotherly Love,” and much of the city’s growth is connected to the idea of unity.

Philadelphia’s familial history is topped off by noting the invention of the modern-day beehive by Lorenzo Langstroth and the ongoing debate about the inventor of the Philadelphia cheesesteak. GQ recognized Philadelphia as one of the "5 Best Beer Cities in America" which comes to no surprise as the city once was considered the greatest brewing city in the Western Hemisphere, the “Cradle of American Libation” - if you will.

Read, revel and enjoy.

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Founders and Famous Families of Cincinnati
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Founders and Famous Families of Cincinnati
Wendy Hart Beckman

When gazing at the city’s impressive skyline, we too often forget the notable individuals who built these grand and glittering buildings, as well as the nearby museums, parks and neighborhoods we also treasure. Reflected in the character, reputation and even design of our city, the legacy of the early settlers continues on today. Through their efforts, almost always imbued with a civic entrepreneurial spirit, they stamped their mark on our burgeoning regional reputation, while also allowing current leaders to bolster and broaden our national reputation.

Founders and Famous Families of Cincinnati brings to life the founding families’ histories, sharing these intertwined and fascinating tales with readers near and far. A charming history of lives lived large -- truly the Who’s Who (as well as the When and Where) of Cincinnati -- that when considered together, made the Queen City the great place to live and work that it is today.

From its very beginnings, Cincinnati offered an enticing combination of personable welcome and worldly sophistication. At one point, Cincinnati had more native-born residents than any other American city, a testament to the values that attracted and retained its citizens.

As a quick peek into the rich tapestry of local lore, Founders and Famous Families of Cincinnati focuses first on John Cleves Symmes, who founded the soon-to-be-mighty city along the banks of the Ohio River, In time, Symmes’ daughter would marry William Henry Harrison, who later became president of the United States. Their grandson, Benjamin also occupied the Oval Office. Nicholas Roosevelt, another adventurous spirit, developed with Robert Fulton the first steamboat to successfully make the journey all the way down the Ohio River. Nicholas’ uncle was President Theodore Roosevelt’s grandfather. Teddy Roosevelt’s daughter, Alice, married Nicholas Longworth IV, great-grandson of another Nicholas Longworth who had been at one time the wealthiest man in America. Longworth IV’s Cincinnati vineyards and Catawba wine prompted Henry Wadsworth Longfellow to pen a poem dedicated to its honor, calling Cincinnati the “Queen of the West” (but he was not the first to do so). Nicholas Longworth’s granddaughter, Maria, became the first woman to own and operate a major manufacturing business, Rookwood Pottery, a cherished Cincinnati artistic operation that continues on today.

Cincinnati’s familial history is topped off by noting the innovations that have impacted the rest of the world, including these landmark achievements: the first professional baseball team, the first pharmacy college, the first Jewish hospital, the first municipal university, the first concrete skyscraper, the first municipal railroad, and so many more. Read, revel and enjoy.

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Gateway City: Covington, Kentucky, 1815-2015
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Gateway City: Covington, Kentucky, 1815-2015
Tenkotte, Claypool and Schroeder

This bicentennial history of Covington, Kentucky, presents an overview of an important gateway city. At times, this gateway has pointed in different directions, and, at other times, it has vacillated between innovation and complacency. Like other transitions or gateway regions, the residents of Covington have sought their fortunes with the prevailing winds of change. Initially, Covington served as a “Gateway to the West,” then as a “Gateway between the North and the South,” followed by a “Gateway to the North,” and most recently as a “Gateway to Progress.”

Gateway City studies the growth and development of a city within the context of national and regional events, particularly those affecting a border region. Lying on the southern shore of the Ohio River opposite Cincinnati, Ohio, Covington is part of a vibrant metropolitan region of 2.1 million people. With Cincinnati, it shares a common destiny as a transition area, a border region that has acted as a geological, climatological, historical, and cultural “gateway.”

In a 21st-century global economy, where cultures collide, connect and collaborate, the study of how historic border regions have functioned can inform modern decision-making. Border areas like Covington and Cincinnati have long struggled with—and turned to their advantage—the challenges and opportunities afforded by cultural, political, and economic differences. The resultant innovations have fueled their economic prosperity, as well as their cultural diversity.

With the exception of the US-Mexico border region, few transitional areas within the continental United States have been studied for their historical lessons. This book offers a glimpse of the historical themes underlying an interior border region, and one that was vitally important during the Civil War.

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North Pole Tenderfoot: A Rookie Goes on a North Pole Expedition Following in Admiral Peary's Footsteps
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North Pole Tenderfoot: A Rookie Goes on a North Pole Expedition Following in Admiral Peary's Footsteps
Doug Hall

Why would Doug Hall follow in Robert Peary's 1909 sled tracks to the North Pole, despite the grueling terrain and temperatures between 15 and 62 degrees below zero? His goal was to resurrect the spirit of Peary's journey in a world increasingly driven by instant gratification, short term business focus, and lack of sustained dedication to great causes. Peary succeeded where some 578 expeditions before him had failed. North Pole Tenderfoot is Doug’s attempt to let the reader experience what is possible when one does what Peary did: think big.

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Ohio Confidential
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Ohio Confidential
John Boertlein

    Ohio’s reputation as a moral beacon doesn’t tell the whole story — or even much of it, according to Ohio Confidential. The state has seen a tsunami of scandal in the areas of crime, drugs, sports, sex, and politics, and sometimes two together, as when Cincinnati Mayor Jerry Springer wrote a personal check to a prostitute, or Congressman Wayne Hays’ mistress started talking.

    The book even includes murders such as the gruesome Kingsbury Run Torso killings and "Arsenic Anna," a notorious "black widow" serial killer. This compulsively readable book by a former cop showcases Ohio’s multitude of sins right up to the contemporary corruptions of Governor Bob Taft and Congressman Bob Ney.

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